Cultivation, generation and production

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F. Totaro


DOI: 10.14673/IJA2018341038

Cultivation means letting grow and manifest being itself, or what is originally inside the reality we are facing. In this context production, on its side, can have a right place if it is not separated from the vision of a world as a place of intrinsic and inherent possibilities, without reducing it to an unbridled manipulation and consumption. Otherwise, production drifts towards what we can name “productivism”, that is a production subordinating every people and everything to its increase, by stressing both human and natural resources. Cultivating is actually a composition of production and generation, whereby generation can be made easier and completed by production, on condition that production itself does not arrive to an absolute denial of generation. Consequently, we have to deal with the question about the technology, to gain control of the opportunities offered by technological devices, especially in the case of their steady appliances to human body. A generative power cannot be a mere ring of a productive chain. Furthermore, we have to consider seriously the conflict among beings. So our mission is, constructing the harmony of human with earth and cosmos through disharmonies. Along this path we may restructure the relationship among cultivation, generation and production.

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F. Totaro, Department of Philosophy and Human Sciences, University of Macerata.

Totaro F.
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