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2020:  Environment and Territory
The multifaceted phenomenon of migration: from cross-border to internal moving of people.
Motivations of human migration are complex and often intertwined, depending on socioeconomic and environmental issues at global, regional, and local scales. Recently, climate change received a large research attention, though the unstoppable human search for a better life needs more articulated explanation of the powerful socioeconomic drivers that induce cross-border and internal migrations, legal and illegal movements, free travels or trafficking. Worldwide, these drivers are causing concentration of people in mega-cities, land degradation and loss of natural resources. Furthermore, the ongoing global changes in human societies will induce more powerful economic, political and social motivations for migrations. This means that the phenomenon is likely to continue regardless of environmental change. Human beings, through time and space, are as likely to migrate to places of environmental vulnerability as from these places. The main example of this is the increasing spreading of urban area in floodplains, everywhere in the world, and especially in Africa and Asia, in less developed areas. Policymakers will face an expanding range of challenges, and researches will be committed in giving sound reasoning and interpretations of global phenomena. The scope of the International Journal of Anthropology is ‘international’ and multidisciplinary, and it intends to interpret global migrations under a multidisciplinary approach, thus aiming at collecting papers from diverse scholarly disciplines, from Anthropology to Sociology, from History to Geography and Politics.

Vol. 33 No. 3-4 (2018): Int. J. of Anthropology

Special Issue
Cultivating our Commons, Melding Two Complex Ideas
Edited by Gian Luigi Corinto

Corinto G.L.
Cultivating our Commons, Melding Two Complex Ideas  143-147

Betti S.
Cultivating urban landscapes: horticulture  149-180

Boldrer F.
Communis omnium parens: Mother Earth and agriculture in Latin treatises
from Cato to Varro and Columella  181-191

Bressan E.
Commons in Alpine Lombardy. The case of Brescia  193-202

Corinto G.L.
Cultivation as Taking Care of Plant Diversity and Global Commons:
Nikolai Ivanovich Vavilov’s Legacy  203-217

Danani C.
Cultivation as Relation: Rethinking Culture  219-227

Gentilucci C.E.
Social farming and the economic civil vocation in Italy  229-241

Musotti F.
Achille Loria’s thought on Land Use and Collective Property Rights  243-253

Totaro F.
Cultivation, generation and production  255-264

Published: 2020-03-09

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Environment and Territory 2020
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