Special Issue
Cultivating our Commons, Melding Two Complex Ideas
Edited by Gian Luigi Corinto

Corinto G.L.
Cultivating our Commons, Melding Two Complex Ideas  143-147

Betti S.
Cultivating urban landscapes: horticulture  149-180

Boldrer F.
Communis omnium parens: Mother Earth and agriculture in Latin treatises
from Cato to Varro and Columella  181-191

Bressan E.
Commons in Alpine Lombardy. The case of Brescia  193-202

Corinto G.L.
Cultivation as Taking Care of Plant Diversity and Global Commons:
Nikolai Ivanovich Vavilov’s Legacy  203-217

Danani C.
Cultivation as Relation: Rethinking Culture  219-227

Gentilucci C.E.
Social farming and the economic civil vocation in Italy  229-241

Musotti F.
Achille Loria’s thought on Land Use and Collective Property Rights  243-253

Totaro F.
Cultivation, generation and production  255-264

Published: 2020-03-09