Enduring Connection: The Impact of Social Relations on the Longevity of Elderly Women in Indonesia

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Srimulyani N.E.
Rosyidah U.N.D.
Riyanto E.D.
Afdholy N.


In Indonesia, the role of social relationships in influencing the longevity of elderly women remains underexplored. Given the country’s aging population and the significant impact of social ties on health outcomes, understanding these dynamics is crucial. This research aims to examine the impact of social relations on the longevity of elderly women in Indonesia, focusing on how familial ties, community involvement, and broader social interactions contribute to their health and well-being. Adopting an ethnographic approach, the research involved quantitative analysis through surveys assessing the quality and extent of social relationships among elderly women across various Indonesian regions. This was complemented by qualitative interviews to gain deeper insights into the nature of these relationships and their perceived impact on health and longevity. The findings reveal a strong correlation between robust social relations and increased longevity among elderly women in Indonesia. Women with active social lives, characterized by strong familial connections, community engagement, and participation in social organizations, exhibited better health outcomes and reported higher levels of life satisfaction. The research underscores the critical role of social relationships in supporting the health and longevity of elderly women in Indonesia. It highlights the importance of fostering supportive social environments to enhance elderly well-being. Recommendations include the development of community-based programs to promote social engagement among the elderly, policy initiatives to support family caregiving, and further research to explore the specific mechanisms through which social relations influence health outcomes in older populations.

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Srimulyani, N., Rosyidah , U., Riyanto, E., & Afdholy N., A. N. (2024). Enduring Connection: The Impact of Social Relations on the Longevity of Elderly Women in Indonesia. International Journal of Anthropology, 39(1/2), 145-165. https://doi.org/10.14673/IJA2024121121