Listening Old Music in Modern Studios; Study of Music Market in Nepal

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B.P. Dahal


The dynamism of society and culture forces to change the overall components of their own settings, but the changes depends on the individuals. That’s why, the changes in the value system including physical situations along with emotions and sentiments also changes in the thinking processes and necessary components of the everyday life; behavioral activities and performances. In fact the modifications in songs and music are found global trend when the digital platform started to pay revenues on views, after than the trend of singing cover songs of old, popular songs have been increasing day by day. It is found from the study that various modifications in songs, music, lyrics, singing have been changing; people most likely to listen the old songs and music in revised version i.e. cover songs. The cover songs provide the cover song singers (either new singers or well established singers) to build their own unique identities as well as they can generate the economy and the old popular songs also renewed for the new generation as the preservation of old creations. Through cover songs the musician and singers can have access on more listeners due to the modifications in music and singing in their music and songs. As a result, they can generate more money as revenue from digital market from the viewers of the cover songs on various digital platforms like YouTube, TikTok or in other social media along with the live performance at concerts and various national as well as international cultural programs.
There are various socio-economic, cultural, emotional and native as well as others reasons that old popular music stays longer than the modern music though they are good technically, those old songs are good and they will be around for generations because of the perfect combination of creations of lyrics, musical tune and vocal of the singers.
The old popular music has great variations in lyrics, music and singing too, so, it is considered as awesome. It is a greatness that they can easily influences the all generations and actually from which dimension of songs and music influences the listeners and the old popular songs and music are the obvious and the alternatives in musical world of both new and old genera. This kind of flavor is satisfied by new generation by upgrading the musical composition and singing style by using modern technology and modifications in the overall aspect of music. 
So, old popular songs bring the happiness and the unique vibes to sing in all generations, but new modern songs could not do so. The modern singer can be a terrible singer, but he or she will not get such feelings with those old songs that no one can help but feel the love that these songs brings.

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