Marfan Syndrome in Palaeopathology: A review

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R. Bianucci
S.T. Donell
F.M. Galassi
T. Lanza
G. Mattutino
A.G. Nerlich
L. Sineo


In this paper we offer an orthopaedic review of Marfan syndrome in antiquity highlighting the intrinsic difficulties diagnosing it as highlighted by two publications available in the palaeopathological literature. We propose a best diagnostic approach to implement when searching for Marfan syndrome in ancient human remains.

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Bianucci, R., Donell, S., Galassi, F., Lanza, T., Mattutino, G., Nerlich, A., & Sineo, L. (2023). Marfan Syndrome in Palaeopathology: A review. Human Evolution , 38(1-2), 29-36.