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Irene Battaglini
Vinicio Serino


“International Journal of Psycho-Anthropology. Human Symmetries” was born in the estranged 2021 mood by the enlightened editorial strategy of Angelo Pontecorboli and under the lucky star of International Foundation Erich Fromm, as a sign of the interdisicplinary approach of a group of psychoanalisys and psychotherapy scholars, as well as scholars of the disciplines conterminous to Anthtopology and Psychology. Two souls that like unweary wings prompted the flight of the Erich Fromm School of Psychotherapy, whose humanistic, existentialist and phenomenological heart beats with the passion for the “discovering of the unconscious” (as Henri Ellenberger may say), for the poetry, the literature, the arts, from the figurative to the seventh: a creature not hybrid nor eclectic, more likely poliedric. 
The thematic figure of this journal is the compenetration of different “worlds”, developing paths on the edge of disciplines. Our mission is to explore the chance for “other” and deep visions, sketching new formulations that, though respecting the theoretical binds, can also stretch and recall internal places. Twist and turns that in the deepness of the human psyche, are originally undifferentiated. The mathematician Bruno Ernst wrote to his friend Escher, carver of geometric intersections: «To see two different worlds in the very same place and the very same time makes us feel as if we were under the influence of a spell. It is impossible indeed: where there is a body, there can’t be another. We must then invent a new word for this condition of impossibility or paraphrase it: what occupies the same place in the same moment. Only an artist could give us this illusion and cause in us this exceptional feeling, a sensorial experience that was previously unknown».
It is a matter of placing concave and convex mirrors where our perspective is flattened by the binary logic of the positivist polarities: not a nonrecognition of the scientific accuracy, but the practice of an extended method, linked to perception, to symbols, to the space-time absence of the Freudian unconscious that foreruns the Heisenberg principle of indetermination by many years.
An “insight beyond”, through the lenses of Interpersonal Psychology and Anthropology (both biological and cultural) that help focusing the symbolic forms through which, ab origine, the yound and rough journey of Humankind could be read. 
This Scientific Journal aims to host contributions from all those who studies cognitive and psychodynamic processes activated to understand and interpret the world, not just the factual reality but also the one that individuals, groups and societies perceive. The main categories thus will be memory, immagination, the thought (not only the logical-argomentative one), the language, the oniric dimension and the one of the Deep. 
These phenomena can be relevant at several levels: the epistemic, the formulation of theories, the clinical practice. Can a positioning of the therapist more or less close to the boundaries of his own disciplinary field generate peculiar mithopoietikoì modalities in the course of clinical work? how can the anthropologist who navigates between the two dimensions, not always “dialoguing” of bios and logos, participate in this new course? 
In this first volume, inspired by the apparently opposites “Intuition and Conscience”, we hope to offer a summary of our research. Perhaps unknowingly, we were inspired by the concept of science masterfully expressed by Arthur Eddington, an illustrious astrophysicist also known for his research on the theory of relativity. “We have discovered”, he wrote in his ‘Space, time and gravitation’, “that where science has gone further and further, the mind has only recovered from nature what the mind itself had put there. We found a strange footprint on the shores of the unknown. To explain its origin, we devised profound theories one after the other. Finally we were able to reconstruct the creature that had left that footprint. And, look, that footprint is ours “. 
“International Journal of Psycho-Anthropology.Human Symmetries” aims to investigate the Creature who left that footprint. 


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Irene Battaglini, Psychoanalist and psychoterapist, is Director of the Erich Fromm School of Psychotherapy (Prato and Padova, Italy)

Irene Battaglini 
Psychoanalist and psychoterapist, is Director of the Erich Fromm School of Psychotherapy (Prato and Padova, Italy). Chairman of the Italian Branch of World Association for Dynamic Psychiatry (WADP) and Vicepresident of the International Erich Fromm Foundation. She is founder of International Journal of Psycho-Anthropology. Human Symmetries. 

Vinicio Serino, Anthropologist, university instructor and professional trainer, professor of the School of Psychotherapy Erich Fromm, Prato

Vinicio Serino 
Anthropologist, university instructor and professional trainer, professor of the School of Psychotherapy Erich Fromm, Prato. Member of the Associazione Antropologica Italiana and the Società Italiana di Antropologia ed Etnologia. Vice President of the International Institute for Humankind Studies, is founder of International Journal of Psycho-Anthropology. Human Symmetries.