Johnny Clegg: anthropologist, artist and global citizen

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Lucilla Spini


On 16th July 2019, Johnny Clegg left this planet after a long battle with pancreatic cancer, and an amazing “The Final Journey” Tour in Europe, North America and Africa. In the days following his death, there have been many articles and interviews on his life as an anti-apartheid activist, a cross-over artist, the White Zulu or as the quintessential South African. These memories – however accurate and very important in defining Johnny Clegg, his vision and his work – do not give a complete picture. Hence, via an analysis of his lectures, songs and engagement in global challenges, this essay aims at providing an overview of his work as an artist, as an anthropologist, and as an engaged global citizen, in order to describe his Renaissance personality integrating in a very holistic way artistic, cultural, scientific and political interests and knowledge. 

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Spini, L. (2020). Johnny Clegg: anthropologist, artist and global citizen. International Journal of Anthropology, 35(3-4), 145-160.
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Lucilla Spini, Linacre College (Oxford)

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