The First scientific revolution Developmental psychology as the fundamental theory to all human and social sciences

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Oesterdiekhoff G.W.


Several authors of the past have already maintained that developmental psychology might be in future the fundamental theory to all human and social disciplines. These authors based their idea upon the observation of far-reaching and striking similarities of psychological structures between children and ancient humans. These similarities might explain the historically earlier forms of society, culture, politics, law, morals, and religion as manifestations of psychological stage structures of ancient human beings, while the more recent forms of these phenomena have originated in the risen psychological stage structures of modern human beings. However, the current human and social disciplines provide instead that the human being always had had the same rational structure respectively had had the same anthropological stage, in opposition to that what the developmental approach might provide and claim. This article here shows that the developmental approach actually has the capacity to rebuild every single human and social discipline upon new foundations and to impart to them breakthroughs regarding knowledge discovery and theory construction. The developmental approach basically revolutionizes the theoretical foundations in every single human and social science. More, it unifies them under one common roof and breakes apart the known boundaries, thus defining interdisciplinarity in a completely new way.

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