A case of Concha Bullosa from Mediaeval Troina (Enna, Sicily)

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F.M. Galassi
C. Ingoglia
E. Varotto


The Mediaeval phase of the archaeological site of Troina (Enna, Sicily) has been excavated for years by the University of Messina and is yielding interesting bioarchaelogical and palaeopathological data. In the present paper, a case of concha bullosa is described, morphologically and radiologically, in a female individual characterised by a congenital podal anomaly (bilateral non-osseous tarsal coalition) and is briefly discussed. 

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Galassi, F., Ingoglia, C., & Varotto, E. (2024). A case of Concha Bullosa from Mediaeval Troina (Enna, Sicily). Human Evolution , 39(1-2), 137-144. https://doi.org/10.14673/HE2024121136

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