Philosophy of Urinary Bladder in Connection with Evolution. A “Don Quixote” Attack to the Windmill?

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A. Verit
F.F. Verit


Urinary Bladder (UB) is the unique organ that has only one main duty as ‘storage’. There has no other function as endogenous and exogenous secretory function so that UB cannot be considered as “vital organ” and can be removed in case of its disorders without any deficiency if disposal of urine as a toxic waste product of mammals is maintained. Additionally, replacing of UB with a “spare part” relatively seems simple in comparison with other parts of the body. Actually, storage of a waste product seems not logical and unlike its analogous material as feces, which can be even used as a treatment agent, urine has no utility. Moreover, storage of urine is supposed to have strong relation with wide variety of UB pathologies. If so, “Why UB was existed or why do we need to storage of urine after its excretion from the kidneys?” To a reply, someone can define that human as a high-level social creature so that she should not be wet in their daily life, however, this answer may not completely provide the basic principles (Naturel selection; variation, inheritance, selection and time) of evolution. It can be summarized as UB may not be a part of the motivation of survives of the individual and species of the complex life forms, particularly the other mammals that have lower degree in comparison with human being at evolution steps. Herein, we focused on clinical philosophy of existence of UB in the clinician point of view in connection with human evolution.

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Verit, A., & verit, F. (2024). Philosophy of Urinary Bladder in Connection with Evolution. A “Don Quixote” Attack to the Windmill?. Human Evolution , 39(1-2), 67-75.