Archaic and modern human beings Stage theory and Big History

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G.W. Oesterdiekhoff


 Jean Piaget had hint at correspondences between the preoperational stage and ancient structures of mind, to find in early worldview, philosophy, or science. Some other authors have resumed this idea and have found more evidence to these resemblances. Meanwhile research can prove of the full correspondence between the features of preoperational stage and archaic psyche as it prevailed in early history and preindustrial societies. Psychological stage theory is evidenced as being the most fundamental theory of the human being as it has developed in the course of history. Accordingly, stage theory has revolutionized the understanding of the history of society and culture, and with that of the history of sciences, philosophy, law, politics, morals, and arts. For the first time in the history of social and human disciplines real foundations in the study of the human being and civilization are reached. Therefore, developmental psychology reveals as being the most fundamental theory to all human and social disciplines, unifying them all under one common roof. No other approach or theory in whichever discipline, in more than 300 years of research, has ever had the capacity to deliver that general foundation. With this regard, it is the first breakthrough and therefore a milestone for these disciplines. 

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