A Cultural geography essay about the concept of journey

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G. Messina


This paper summarizes the contents of the in print monographic volume entitled About the journey. Stasis, chiasmus and interruptions. A geography essay. It aims at being part of the epistemological debate on the role of the journey intended as a complex action through which relationships between man and space are strengthened and the fundamental cognitive processes are activated. In the first chapter, we want to foster a consideration on the tripartite scan that has the journey as the terminal outcome: stasis, trigger, experience. The paper has its roots in the international and national debates of New Cultural Geography, an essential theoretical prerequisite for setting up a theoretically and scientifically based investigation rooted on the value of the subject in the gnoseological perspective of human geography. Following up, the second part of the paper attempts to configure the journey as a device that connects communities and territories. In this sense we have identified the chiasmus - complete or incomplete – as a rhetorical figure adequate to model and configure the dynamics – of border mainly – of the journey.

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Messina, G. (2022). A Cultural geography essay about the concept of journey. Human Evolution , 37(3-4), 199-205. https://doi.org/10.14673/HE2022341104
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G. Messina, University of Messina Italy

G. Messina
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