Polenta and Goanna

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Gabbrielli E.


In a mysterious castle in Libya, the narrator stumbles on some unexpected vestiges of the past which inspire him to recount his unique experiences in Australia. The result is the story of a meeting of two cultures — Italian and Aboriginal — and the emotions aroused by his chance encounters with people and places that are the vivid, though fragile, proof of that meeting. 
In this novel the author seeks to paint a true picture of a fragment of history which still resonates strongly today. Magical storytelling is interwoven with sociological curiosity, historical reconstruction and notes on a journey. The reader is swept up in a narrative that explores fascinating truths about Italian migrants to Australia during the last Gold Rush, from the end of the 19th century across the first decades of the 20th. 

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Gabbrielli, E. (2021). Polenta and Goanna. Human Evolution , 36(1-2), 167-170. https://doi.org/10.14673/HE2021121082