Human Evolution
International Journal

ISSN 0393-9375

Edited by: B. CHIARELLI
Lab. of Anthropology and Ethnology, Univ. of Florence
International Institute for Humankind Studies

Managing Editor:
Angelo Pontecorboli
Email: info@pontecorboli.it

Editorial Secretary:
EDAP/Angelo Pontecorboli Editore – Firenze
Email: info@pontecorboli.it

Founding Members
Y. Coppens, France
M. Day, England
H. De Lumley, France
M. Goodman, USA
P. Tobias, South Africa

International Panel of Referees (2013-2019):
Anemone, R.L. (USA), Attanasio, A. (Italy), Ayala, F.J. (USA), Bernis, C. (Spain), Chauhan, P. (USA) Coppens, Y. (France), Cormack, J.L. (USA), Crawford, M. (UK), Cunha, E. (Portugal), Demeter, F. (France), Dell’Orco, S. (Italy), de Waal, F.B.M. (USA), Falk, D. (USA), Giuditta, A. (Italy), Güleç, E. (Turkey), Hilloowala, R. (USA), Ijegbai, M. (UK), Islam, R. (Bangladesh), Maldonato, N.M. (Italy),  Martínez Fuentes, A. J. (Cuba), Parker, S. (USA), Pepeu, G. (Italy), Rhys-Evans, P. (UK), Salzano, F.M. (Brazil), Schwartz, J.H. (USA), Sugiyama, Y. (Japan), Ubelaker, D.H. (USA), Verano, J.W. (USA), Wolpoff, M.H. (USA).

Human Evolution
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