3D digital models of Brunelleschi’s Dome for geometrical analysis

Silvia Bertacchi
Ph.D. Arch., Department of Architecture University of Florence
Email: silvia.bertacchi@unifi.it

Brunelleschi’s Dome in Florence is one of the world famous Italian masterpieces, a prime example of Renais-sance vaulted constructions of remarkable dimensions, built according to tradition without centring thanks to unusual building techniques. The subject of several research and survey studies over the centuries, the structure has been analysed especially from the geometrical point of view, in order to study in depth the proportional system and the genesis of the pointed arches of its distinguishing outline. Nowadays, thanks to the outstanding developments of technology and to the three-dimensional laser scanner devices for a detailed data capture of re-ality, there are new possibilities for updating the knowledge of important monumental buildings. This research presents the results of an ongoing study where reverse modelling applications play a crucial role even if not developed for Cultural Heritage, but appropriate if working with both numerical and mathematical models. In this way, an exhaustive study and check of the geometrical hypothesis on the Dome’s design can be carried out in a broader framework than single sections.

Brunelleschi, Dome, Geometrical Analysis, Survey, 3D Digital Model.