Dome as a solution to the technology problem of ice conservation

Barbara Aterini
University of Florence, DiDA-Department of Architecture, Italy

Domes, architectural elements highly characterizing the environment, catch the eye and over the cen-turies have captivated even artists, who depicted, frescoed and even simulated them in painting, from Renaissance onwards. History considers therefore this cover as a protagonist, an element of cultural identity between past and present. However we should not forget the main technological function of domes that have always been used to cover places of worship or often in central plan buildings. Among these we can find special buildings, the ice-houses, which stored natural ice collected in winter to use it in summer. It deals with specialistic architectures quickly evolved not only thanks to the simple architectural technique issued from construction experience, but also from the necessary method with the purpose of storing ice, therefore in relation to their capacity of thermal insulation from outside temperature.

drawing, survey, geometry, architecture, ice-house