Reconstruction of the wooden vault of the Synagogue of Reggio Emilia

Filippo Antonello 
technical director of Laboratorio del restauro di Gazzotti, Reggio Emilia, Italy

The contribution concerns with the reconstruction of the wooden vault of the Synagogue of Reggio Emilia, demolished in the 60s of last century, by using the 19th century carpentry techniques with which the monument had been built. The decision to rebuild the vault posed numerous challenges from the very beginning. The first step was to establish the shape and size of the demolished vault, an operation whose success has been enabled by the numerous confirmations obtained thanks to the study carried out by crossing the historical-documentary research with the analysis of data from the construction site. This first phase revealed an unusual geometry of the structure (a cloister vault terminating in a circular section without the insertion of pendentives) the fact that it was necessary to develop specific geometrical and static devices. Finally it describes the materials and construction techniques of the realization of the structure with the exclusive use of the 19th century carpentry techniques, carried out by the “Laboratory of restoration of Gazzotti Giovanni”.

reconstruction, wooden structure.