Cupole-Domes Vol.3-N.2-2018

Cupole – Domes
An International Journal for Architecture, Engineering,
Conservation and Culture.

Cupole-Domes Vol.3 – N.2-2018

Roberto Corazzi
Direct and Instrumental Survey Methodologies, Representation, Numerical Models

Contents – Vol.3 – N.2-2018

Filippo Antonello
Reconstruction of the wooden vault of the Synagogue
of Reggio Emilia

Stefano Galassi, Eva Pieroni
Maurice Lévy’s original contribution to the analysis of masonry domes

Mario Piana
The Dome of Santa Maria della Salute in Venice:
its construction and restoration

Giacomo Tempesta, Michele Paradiso, Stefano Galassi
The Structural analysis of polygonal masonry domes. The case of Brunelleschi’s dome in Florence

Gabriele Rossi
Volte a stella cordonate dell’area salentina