Cupole-Domes Vol.2-N.1-2017

Cupole – Domes
An International Journal for Architecture, Engineering,
Conservation and Culture.
Cupole-Domes Vol.2 – N.1-2017
Roberto Corazzi
Direct and Instrumental Survey Methodologies, Representation, Numerical Models

Contents – Vol.2 – N.1-2017
Introduction: Angelo Pontecorboli, Publisher and Editor in Chief
Foreword: Alberto Tesi, Dean of University of Florence


Gennaro Tampone
On the Origins of the Dome

Giorgio Croci
Arches, Domes and Vaults in the History of Architecture

Roberto Corazzi
Brunelleschi and the Dome

Satprem Maïni
Building Optimised Domes without Formwork

Anna Agata Wagner
The Dome in Sacral Architecture.
The Spatial and Symbolic Considerations Based on the Projects
for the National Temple of Divine Providence in Warsaw

Laura De Carlo, Emanuela Chiavoni, Jessica Romor, Wissam Wahbeh,
Geometry and Symbols in Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza in Rome

Nancy A. Rankin
America’s Courthouse: the History and Restoration 
of the Dome of the Old Nassau County Courthouse

Adriana Rossi
The Ethos Suggested by Landscape Markers: the Tiled Dome

Eric J. Martin, Brendan O’Keefe
The Shine Dome, The Australian Academy of Science, Canberra, Australia